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Monday, May 16, 2005  

Commentary: A message from the proprietor

Am I dead? (Pinching self.) No. Not even in a permanent vegetative state. However, I have suffered some setbacks that led to a hiatus. The longest ever. I regret disappointing readers, and, apologize for having done so.

~ Computer problems that resulted in a replacement of my hard drive a couple weeks ago. I often write blog material early and store it. All those entries were lost. Since the hard drive problems also effected my clone to a backup device, they were permanently lost.

~ Failure of my blogging clients. My old favorite, Kung-Log, was lost in the hard drive meltdown. My secondary client, Chronicle Lite, has refused to work since the new hard drive was installed. The error message says it can't find the server, but no way to set the server address is offered. This entry is being written in the free version of iBlog, but it is inadequate because there is no automated coding available. Each italic, bold, paragraph, etc., code must be typed.

Prior to the complete failure of the hard drive, the computer was only nominally functional or not functional at all. These problems, coupled with my busy summer schedule, caused me to throw up my hands for a while. However, I haven't stopped reading and thinking. That means I might as well as be blogging. For me, blogging is just an extension of reading and thinking. So, I shall return.

The other most irritating aspect of losing my data is that my iTunes library went along with the rest. I am slowly rebuilding it. I do mean slowly. Tedium thou name is inserting CD after CD into a computer to import MP3s into iTunes. Some music I will not be getting back at all. Having been an iPod owner since the first iteration, there were CDs in the library that I no longer own. And, of course, all music from the iTunes Music Store is permanently gone. If you would like to do me a favor, purchase a CD from Amazon and send it to me. Whatever you think I would like. Or, make a small contribution to my PayPal account.

4:45 PM