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Friday, October 29, 2004  

Internet: Bushes reject Bush

Members of incumbent President George Bush's family have announced they will be supporting his opponent, Sen. John Kerry, in the fast approaching election. Like many Americans, they are disappointed by Bush's poor leadership. They express concern about the war in Iraq, the environment and other issues. The relatives reside in different states and hold differing views.

Two female cousins decided to set up a website reflecting their views. Other relatives agreed to participate. They hope to stimulate discussion, and, remind voters that even some family members dissent from Bush's views.

The Associated Press has the story.

BOSTON (AP) - There goes the invitation to the Texas ranch. Seven distant relatives of President Bush have created a Web site urging visitors: ``Please, don't vote for our cousin.''

The Bush relatives, supporters of Democratic challenger John Kerry, say they've never met the president but disagree with his policies ranging from the war in Iraq to the environment.

The Web site was launched in late September ``to help America heal from the sickness it has suffered since George Bush was appointed president in 2000.''

``I don't really feel like it's a betrayal,'' said Sheila House, the president's second cousin and co-creator of the site. ``I'll definitely admit that we're using the relationship as a hook to get people to talk about politics.''

The people behind the Web site are all grandchildren of Mary Bush House, the sister of Prescott Bush, who was the father and grandfather of the two Bush presidents. That makes them second cousins of the president.

. . .The site, which includes the headline, ``Because blood is thinner than oil!'' offers testimonials from the Bush relatives.

Who knows? With this vivid precedent, Bush's mother, Barbara, may vote her conscience.

Visit http://www.bushrelativesforkerry.com .

What's the art?

A mug shot of presidential neice Noelle Bush. If she has been convicted of a felony, she may not be able to vote for either candidate.

9:00 AM