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Friday, October 29, 2004  

Entertainment: Bjork bashes Beyonce

Bjork is so peeved with Beyonce (pictured) that she has dissed Ms. Knowles.

Bjork has blasted Beyonce Knowles [pictured] for "selling her soul to the devil" and signing up for TV commercial after TV commercial.

The Icelandic singer admits she's a big fan of the Destiny's Child star's music - but she's very disappointed she has appeared in countless adverts from Pepsi to Tommy Hilfiger's latest perfume True Star.

She says: "I love her voice, but maybe not what she stands for. I'm really p**sed off she's doing all of those commercials. I can't believe she did Pepsi.

"Doing that is like selling your soul to the devil. Maybe it's different in America, and I'm judging too hard."

You have to appreciate Bjork for being earnest. But, she's taking the celebrity game too seriously. I suspect Beyonce's father, Matthew, a former sales executive, has made the decision to exploit every opportunity to mine money that comes the way of his daughters, Beyonce and Solange. He knows that in show business the five-year cycles don't necessarily last five years. So, he is likely to have advised them to strike while the iron is hot. Few chanteuses remain atop the music business for even a decade. Bjork's earnestness reminds me of my youthful righteousness. I used to have tests for what I considered acceptable behavior by public figures, too. Women who made anti-feminist statements were on it. Black performers who groveled in the presence of whites. Closet conservatives who emerged. Sometimes, my repulsion was justified, as when some celebrities evaded apartheid South Africa's deserved pariah status by playing Sun City. But, in regard to Beyonce's all American greed, its her prerogative. Fans who don't approve are free to vote at Sam Goody.

8:35 PM