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Sunday, August 29, 2004  

Entertainment: Spears' marriage may be messy

US Magazine has the dish on Britney Spears' upcoming nuptials, in a piece titled, "Britney, the Bridezilla." Seems the wedding plans have been plagued by setbacks. Though the big to-do is planned for November, friends say the pop princess is getting antsy. She may move the date forward. They say she is resisting a quickie trip to Las Vegas because it would be deja vu all over again, considering her annulled marriage to another man a few months ago. The size of the wedding is also uncertain, with Spears vacillating between small and intimate and huge and a humdinger, sources say. She may invite 200 guests, or just 20.

US reports there are also family-to-be problems. The betrothed suspects fiance Kevin Federline's family of leaking information about the couple to the media. Meanwhile, Spears has said 'Hi,' to Char Jackson, his former girlfriend, and the mother of his two babies, but that is all. She has also met Federline and Jackson's toddler, but not their newborn. It unclear how the families will blend. Child support also appears to unresolved. Federline is unemployed. Spears mother, Lynne, is said to be asking businesses associated with the nuptials, including a hotel, to provide their services free in return for publicity. 'Bridezilla's worth is calculated at about $100 million.

Give me props. I read this frivolous article, so you would not have to.

3:30 PM