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Thursday, July 29, 2004  

News: Jack Ryan succumbs to pressure

Jack Ryan has officially withdrawn as a candidate for the U.S. Senate from Illinois. He made the announcement today. Republican party leaders had been concerned about Ryan's refusal to cooperate in the process of replacing him on the ballot. Ryan's campaign failed after allegations of sexual misconduct became public. The Guardian has the latest.

CHICAGO (AP) - Republican Jack Ryan officially withdrew from the U.S. Senate race Thursday, nearly five weeks after a sex scandal forced him to abandon his candidacy.

The Illinois State Board of Elections received Ryan's withdrawal papers Thursday morning in Springfield, according to elections officials.

His exit came a day after Republican leaders said they were tired of waiting for him to take the step and scheduled a meeting of the committee that will choose his replacement.

Ryan still says he just didn't have time to complete the process. However, the paperwork involved is said to be a half-page long and takes less than a minute to fill out. It appears Ryan may have taken a perverse pleasure in holding his former comrades' feet to the fire. The nomination process required that he formally withdraw before anyone else could replace him on the ballot.

Reasonably related

Party officials were fed up with Ryan's foot-dragging.

2:06 PM