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Tuesday, May 11, 2004  

News: Love bite kills man

I often ask bloggers not to write about subjects they aren't familiar with or haven't done research on. Because when we do, we spread disinformation and misinformation. I would prefer that someone not say anything about, say string theory or Turner's Syndrome, than say something that is inaccurate. So, I am going to say very little about this weird news story that has caught my eye.

Aroused horse bites Pole dead

WARSAW, May 8 (Reuters) - A sexually excited stallion bit a Polish man to death when he tried to calm the beast which had become uncontrollably aroused by a nearby mare, police said.

"The 24-year-old man, identified as Robert R., was bitten when he tried to calm his horse which had become unsettled by the presence of a mare in the vicinity," a duty officer in the Baltic port of Szczecin told Reuters.

The horse went wild and began straining and bucking while pulling a farm cart through the village.

An autopsy would determine whether the direct cause of death was a severed jugular vein or damaged spine, the officer added.

I know next to nothing about horses. After reading this article, I feel I know a bit more -- but not necessarily what I would have asked to learn.

8:49 AM