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Sunday, July 06, 2003  

Around the Web

•Bull's Eye is targeted

Victor at Balasubramania's Mania has the latest news about Bull's Eye Shooter Supply, the gun dealer who may have sold the weapon used in the D.C. area sniper killings under the table. After years of malfeasance the store has finally lost its license and it appears Bulls-Eye will also have its day in court.

Well unluckily for proponents of gun store immunity and of gun industry immunity legislation , the DEA yanked Bull's Eye's license just the other day, as reported in the Seattle Times here . I don't know about Bushmaster, but Bull's Eye is gonna lose this one, and as well it should (see my earlier post here ). An early article aired the following nasty stats about Bull's Eye -- dismiss the stats, the loss of license is a big deal:

1. guns sold by Bull's Eye (b/w 97-2001) were involved in 52 crimes;

2. Bull's Eye could not account for 238 guns or confirm whether the purchasers (if there were any) underwent background checks; and

3. between 1997 and 200, it sold 663 guns to 265 buyers.

Readers of Mac-a-ro-nies are already aware of Congress and gun activists' plan to grant the gun industry nearly complete immunity from lawsuits. Cases such as Bull's Eye's may lead some legislators to reconsider that bad idea.

Be sure to read Victor's longer entry about gun industry immunity, too.

•Rushton unveiled

Bill L. is interested in J. Phillipe Rushton, the 'scientific' racist who is most often used as a source by people such as the bigots at Gene Expression. You may recall Rushton as the fellow who stalks men of color in shopping malls and asks them the size of their penises and how far they can ejaculate.

Blacks, according to Rushton, have larger genitals, making them more promiscuous, and smaller brains, making them less intelligent than whites and Asians. Using 60 different measures, Rushton ranks the races along an evolutionary scale with blacks at the bottom and Asians at the top.

The man (penis size unknown) achieved notoriety during the 1980s after being generously funded by the eugenicist Pioneer Foundation. However, buying interest in his 'work' was not successful in the long run.

Rushton became an outcast from the reputable scientific community. After seeing his scientific career spiral downhill since the 1990s, Rushton was dealt some final blows to seal his fate. His reputation was so lowly he was booed off the unreputable Geraldo Rivera stage set. The only major supporters of the racial ideology of this failed scientist remaining into the 21st century are David Duke, former grand wizard of the Ku Klux Klan who lost the Louisiana governor's race over a decade ago, and today a worldwide spokesman for the white supremacy movement, and Steve Sailer to whom this site is dedicated.

Bill has assembled a great list of sources about the risable Rushton. Read them. To know how far we have to go in race relations we need to realize how low some people have sank.

•A contract on O'Connor?

Jeff Hauser reports on a near miss for Sandra Day O'Connor and others. (And, no, I'm not talking about her opinions in SCOTUS' recent controversial decisions.)

PHILADELPHIA - What was to have been a spectacular opening of the National Constitution Center was marred Friday when a huge wood and steel frame collapsed on the stage, injuring several people and narrowly missing Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor.

The frame, which was at least 15 feet high, slowly toppled as the guests of honor at the ceremony pulled on red, white and blue streamers that were supposed to trigger the drop of a screen at the museum's front entrance.

Instead, the streamers pulled down the frame, which came crashing down on officials including Philadelphia Mayor John F. Street and U.S. Sen. Arlen Specter.

The crowd of 4,000 gasped as the frame came down around O'Connor, who had counted down from three to start the ceremony.

"We could have all been hit, bumped," O'Connor said into a microphone.

I wonder if Chief Justice William Rehnquist was around. He has been known to take extraordinary measures to get his way.

9:44 AM