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Tuesday, June 10, 2003  

A word from the proprietor

Yes, I am aware that a few people in the Left blogosphere have taken up the Right blogosphere's movement to try to discredit Mac Diva. According to them, I am a racist link seeker who loves to pick on handicapped people. I haven't gotten around to doing anything racist today yet, but did send out some new links this morning. (My outgoing links are four times as high as incoming.) Now, having slapped around a paraplegic to improve my mood, I am ready to comment on the matter.

Joking aside, all I have done is tell the truth. Natasha Chart (I have decided not to go along with the request not to use her last name she had one of her dupes send me because I owe her nothing) has been harassing me since it became apparent Mac-a-ro-nies was an up-and-coming blog. The harassment has consisted of abusive emails and posts at other blogs accusing me of everything from having caused her ex-husband to leave her to the claim Silver Rights is a dummy blog she put forth to try to get me disqualified from the New Weblog Contest. My response has ranged from trying to ignore her to calling her out on her conduct. When I call her out, she runs to M.B. Williams who hides her behind the shield of being handicapped. She has done so twice so far. I suspect Natasha's psychological problems do have something to do with her behavior. (Duh.) But, if people would prefer that I not mention that, fine. What we then have is a mean-spirited, jealous woman who claims to be a liberal while running from Right Wing blog to Right Wing blog trying to discredit another liberal blogger who is a novice but a much better blogger than she will ever be. (Which is easy to achieve since Natasha gets other people to do most of the actual writing of the watch for her.) I can think of no rational reason to defend her conduct.

As for M.B. Williams, it is ironic she, of all people, is trying to wrap herself in the mantle of morality. Fraud is immoral. Which leaves the newest Bash the Diva out of Jealousy and Resentment so-called liberal blogger, Lisa English. My only experience with the woman is that I realized she did not like me from the start of my participation as a commenter at blogs. Her response was, "Uh oh. Another intelligent woman and she writes well. That won't do." Later, Natasha took to holding English up as an example of how people should treat me in her attack posts at other blogs. 'Lisa English does not link to or blogroll Mac Diva. Other people shouldn't either.' Whatever. I have done fine without Lisa English's help. Add, frankly her casting herself as the voice of morality despite her obvious bias against me from the day she met me is ludicrous. Like Natasha, this is a person who relies on other people being credulous and easy to manipulate. She is despicable.

I realize that most of my readers don't come here to read about the antics of a small group of green-eyed women with nothing better to do than harass a bright minority blogger. (And, yes, I have noticed that it is bloggers of my own gender who resent my success.) However, if I ignore these people, it appears I lack the nerve to speak up and I have never lacked the nerve to do anything. Rather than continue to be frustrated, I am going to tell the truth and accept whatever that engenders. I will try to return to this issue as seldom as possible. However, in my experience, telling the truth about evil people such as Natasha and her pathetic ally or two is necessary.

If you are a blogger trying to decide whether to join the people who claim I am a racist link seeker who loves to pick on handicapped people, the course of action you should take seems obvious to me.

6:17 PM