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Monday, June 16, 2003  

People are saying

*What's in a meme?

The blogging marsupial, Skippy the Bush Kangaroo, directs our attention to Memefacture, where he was recently declared among the most popular bloggers on the 'Left."

I have dropped into Memefacture from time to time, but I don't understand how it works. Sure, I get the basic modus operandi, a bot crawling registered blogs for incidences of concurrent or recurring usage of words and phrases. What I don't grasp is how one is to decide what weight to give the results. I could make a point of arbitrarily inserting 'wild horses' into every entry I write for the next few days and ask blog pals to do the same. But, we wouldn't be saying anything about 'wild horses.' So, how does Memefacture distinguish between that kind of substanceless mention and actual discussion of a topic?

*Moby moves on

The Guardian interviewed Moby and reached this conclusion: The well-off musician prefers to live like bourgeoisie. They reporter seems to be surprised.

. . .Now he is headlining Glastonbury on the final day - a measure of how far this unlikeliest of pop stars has come.

Not only is there the appearance (small, bald, totally unremarkable except for the crucifix tattooed on his neck) there is the ideology (veganism, Christianity, socialism, pacifism, celibacy and a nice green world free of cars). But it's more confusing than that - there is also the Moby who boasts about screwing around; and the Moby who likes to talk about sensible investment; and the Moby who is happy to use his songs in commercials to sell cars and make the world a dirtier place.

The settling down aspect seems pretty normal to me for a 37-year old, though most can't afford country houses. There is also something to be said for living like a bourgeoisie in order to get one's work, which may not be bourgie, done. I'm moving in that direction myself. It is easier to concentrate on my writing with the bills paid and some certainty about where I will be and what I will be doing.

Alan at Stardust Times, who shares an abhorrence of capital letters with Skippy, won't cut Moby any slack.

he really does himself no favours. there's not one particular thing i dislike about moby. it's the whole package. he's so very, very sincere and dull, with hugely idealistic pretensions but will sell his "art" to the highest corporate bidder at the drop of a hat. a hat he should be wearing to cover that offensively shiny dome, incidentally.

No visits to the country house for him.

*More crazy white folks

Okay. I admit it. I am a bit of a prude. I rarely curse or raise my voice. However, the Mad Prophet, Brian LaVigne, gets down.

Fucking White Suburbanite Cunts.

Timi had a bad experience with WSK (White Suburban Kids,) the other day, and on behalf of white people everywhere I'd like to apologize for the yuppy dickheads.

The offending youths are described at USS Clueless, Timi's blog.

Just Another Negro...

I'm so tired. I've been awake since 5:30am. This morning we helped to serve breakfast to the homeless at 3rd Street Church of God. That was rather interesting. A group of about 30 kids came in to visit AFTER we set up the food & stuff. They all sat together and were staring at all the homeless guys like, "I'm here to help all of you homeless negros." It upset me because these kids were taking pictures of the homeless people and they made their rounds in the place...you know the welcomes white suburban kids give when they're in a setting with poor black people to show that they really do care. It was so patronizing.

I was so angry at this group of kids and their leaders. Their leaders were doing the same thing. It was like they were only there just to go back home to their friends and say, "I helped poor black people in the ghetto for a day."

Another thing that pissed me off upset me was how these kids ASSUMED that all the black people seated in the church hall were homeless. This young guy approached me, placed his hand on my shoulder & smiled. Another young woman walked over to me and said, "Ma'am are you ok? How are you?" in a very condescending tone. I explained to her that I wasn't homeless...in fact, I'm one of the staff with Here's Life Inner City that was introduced to them at the beginning of the service!! Shows how much they paid attention!! I proceeded to give her my credentials because even after I told this girl that I was staff, she proceeded to talk to me as if I was retarded. I was like "BABYDOLL I HAVE A DEGREE!!!" When she realized that I was educated she changed her tone. The girl who accompanied her left me alone when she learned that I wasn't the type of negro she came to the church to see. I actually got a kick out telling them who I was. The look on their faces was almost priceless.

As I was talking to this girl, another white gentleman approached me & said, "Ma'am aren't you going to get food?" I took a few minutes to exhale. Then I responded, "NO...I'm staff, I'm not eating anything." He looked at me stunned & replied, "Well staff can eat to." His face turned so red. I refused once again & he too left me alone. This group of suburban lilly whote kids came in AFTER everything had been set up, they dispersed & patronized the black folks in the place, they ate, left their trash & bounced! These people are supposed to be christians too. Someone needs to teach them to be hospitable GUESTS.

I wonder if those youths are related to some of the utterly shameless white adults I have been observing in the blogosphere lately. And, Timi, there is no need to refer to such a person as a 'gentleman.' I would no more call him one than I would James Capozzola.

10:02 AM