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Saturday, June 07, 2003  

People are saying

*Let it all hang out

It is hot in the Pacific Northwest, people, which we become unused to. So, I found myself blogging less and sweating more. Still, with Blogger down for much of Friday and Saturday, I had time to do some knocking around the blogosphere. Serependity led me to a blog called Pansexual Guy in Durham, NC. I don't know what to make of it, but thought other people might find it interesting enough to take a gander at since I did. A sample,

Thursday, May 29, 2003

As I type this I see someone is searching Google for "self sucking gay crossdressers." Some sex fantasies can still surprise.

One nifty aspect of writing about yourself is the quickening of memory. Reviving memories almost forgotten.

In 1972 I'd left home and Ebba and Gordon were my roommates. Victor had left John for Nancy and John moved to Atlanta. With fatal foolishness I fell in love with him and moved into our own apartment; slummy complex on Peachtree across from Piedmont park. The man below us was a Sterno addict and would keep us awake but in stitches mooing like a despairing cow.

Glenn, our building superintendent was an ignorant middle-aged man. He was trying or at least hoping to transition from genetic male to medically created woman.

Richard Lee, the blogger at Pansexual, has a very varied sexual history.

*An iPod by any other name

I received an email from another Richard, Einhorn, that didn't say a word about his sex life. The blogger at Tristero has given me the honor of naming his iPod.

Stop me before I suggest 'Condoleeza.' When not busy helping plan unnecessary invasions of Second World countries, Ms. Rice is an accomplished classical pianist. She says her name means to play music 'sweetly' in Italian. Richard Einhorn is a noted composer. So. . . But, I doubt he likes Condoleeza's politics any better than I do. I need an alternative suggestion.

Richard also clues us in on the new Apple music store, which is reportedly doing well financially.

I've used the iTunes music store. The convenience is fabulous, but I worry greatly about sound quality. A caveat: I have not completed all the listening I want to do (comparisons on various styles of music). To my ears, I am hearing some compression of the dynamic range on the classical works that I've downloaded (the codec is the new AAC, not mp3). Regarding rock and other styles, it seems to be less noticeable ? obviously, because there's already compression when it was mixed and released so a little more could easily slip by. The thing is that buying a full cd's worth of music on Music Store is cheaper than buying a real live cd so it's a tradeoff, like buying a cassette version. The thing is, for the extra few bucks, I'd rather have full 44.1/16 bit cd's. OTOH, if you are buying an album for one or two songs, then definitely iTunes is fabulous. (With classical and with stuff like jazz or blues, you're more than likely to buy entire albums...well at least, I am.)

At least one other blog picked up the little morsel about naming iPods from my The Map entry. It is too bad I don't read German or I could tell you what that blogger said about the matter.

*Guitar hero

A Right Winger has appropriated the reputation of being the rock musician in Bloggersville. However, from the look of his gear, The Editor at Blah 3 can probably give him a run for his money. Check out the six guitars he plays in one night. (Buddy Guy does that. He even has a gofer who tunes them for him.) The Ed offers some insight.

For the record, I play them all through a Line6 Flextone II with a Digitech RP6 effects board through the effects loop. And I'll put my sound up against any fool crazy enough to drop $1800 on a Les Paul or $900+ on a Fender Strat. So there.

For me, that needs translating almost as much as German does.

While you are at Blah3, be sure to read his entry about the Wiener Savage's frivolous lawsuit against Take Back the Media, here.

*A lawyer and a gentleman

A male lawyer without an oversized ego is a shocking development, so I am always surprised by the low profile Victor of Balusubramania's Mania keeps. He is often the first or among the first of bloggers to find out about new newsworthy occurrences, but most of Bloggersvile doesn't know that because Victor does not toot his own horn.

This weekend, Victor is interested in the latest addition to the group of conservative white guy lawyers who are all think just alike known as the Volokh Conspiracy.

Guest Volokh blogger Prof. Muller reminds us of his previous warnings against the use (or overuse) of the Japanese-American internment analogy re the current administration's treatment of detainees. He points out various conceptions of the mistake of Korematsu but utterly fails to persuade that the fears regarding treatment of Middle-Eastern Americans are unfounded and that there's no analogy there (I guess there are no lessons to be learned from prior treatment of Japanese-Americans?). Not sure I understand what he says exactly, but his critique of the critics of the Bush Administration's treatment of Middle Eastern-Americans is an all-around flop.

If you haven't added Venkat 'Victor' Balasubramania's blog to your blogroll yet, don't wait any longer. Do it now.

*New to the blogroll

I'm adding another blogger who identifies herself as being a conservative to the blogroll. Despite that description, I've found her blog entries to be thoughtful and not at all mean-spirited. We will disagree politically often, but I'm comfortable with that. Welcome Shell of Across the Atlantic to Mac-a-ro-nies.

I also added my little blog brother, Atrios, Jr., today. He's family, after all.

9:55 PM