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Sunday, June 08, 2003  

The New Weblog Showcase

*More recommendations

There is still time to vote in The Truth Laid Bear's New Weblog Showcase. (Up until Monday, though I am not sure by who's clock.) Mac-a-ro-nies is among the entrants. In fact, it is leading, which will help you understand the second item here. You can vote for "Blogospherics: Anger in the blogosphere" by clicking this link.

I had prepared an item describing additional entries I recommend, but my API client lost that entry. It became very confused during the on and off Blogger meltdowns this weekend. So, I am going to briefly list the recommendations instead.

1) Whiskey Bar

"What a Tangled Web We Weave. . ."

2) Happy, Furry Puppy Time

"The Administration as Legion of Doom Characters."

3) The Talent Show

Why these tax cuts suck".

*Mac-a-ro-nies attacked

It has been brought to my attention that a Right Winger, reportedly Ricky West of North Georgia Dogma, has contacted N.Z. Bear of The Truth Laid Bear and attempted to get him to disqualify me from the contest. He is said to be claiming that I submitted one blog under two names, i.e, Mac-a-ro-nies and Silver Rights. Anyone who knows anything about these blogs knows they are separate blogs and therefore both eligible for entry into the contest. The accusation has also been made by Razib of Gene Expression, the blog that promotes the belief that nonwhite people are genetically inferior. I am sure he would prefer that I not win the contest.

The third person implicated is Natasha C. of the watch, who has been virtually stalking me for weeks. I have assumed her behavior is caused by the fact that she has severe Asperger's Syndrome, complicated by jealousy. Some people are offended when I mention her condition, but I believe it is relevant. She obviously can't grasp that my becoming a successful blogger is no different from anyone else becoming a successful blogger and there is no reason for her to be obsessed with it. She expends an incredible amount of time sending out emails and posting comments at blogs, now usually on the Right, attacking me. Last week she was using the monicker 'Jeb' and the email address of the governor of Florida. Yesterday and today she posted extensively at Gene Expression as "Jeff." At this point, I believe she may be seriously mentally ill. The claim below started with her. Her involvement with Gene Expression also raises the question of racial animus. I have decided to discuss this openly because her behavior is not improving. Otherwise, I would let it go. People who object to my acknowledging a liberal is involved need to reconsider their values in my opinion. Why should I suffer in silence? And, why should she get away with her involvement while West and Razib are held responsible?

The disgruntled persons also claim Silver Rights is a dummy blog created to generate links for Mac-a-ro-nies. Actually, SR rarely echoes Mac-a-ro-nies or vice versa. Mac-a-ro-nies has linked to SR 1.5 times per week in the last two months. That is much less often than it has linked to at least six other blogs. Silver Rights seldom links to Mac-a-ro-nies because I sought to keep it separate considering the hostility to civil rights in the blogosphere. I intentionally have avoided links from it even when they would have been convenient. (Until recently, the self-proclaimed 'smart people' at Gene Expression did not even know it existed.)

Third, West, Razib and Natasha claim I have an advantage with links by having what they say, slipping up in a revealing way, two blogs in the contest. (Actually, Natasha/Jeb/Jeff is claiming six or seven at this point, but I won't bore you with the details. I think they just reveal how irrational she is.)

All of this will be surplusage if N.Z. Bear responds to the fatuous claims with common sense. He might want to ask himself how a blog that has had almost 9,000 visitors is a dummy blog and how being required to link to six competitors in the contest, instead of three like other contestants, is in my favor. (Actually, I've linked to nine or 10 of the entries, counting both blogs.)

However, it may be necessary for bloggers familiar with both blogs to write Bear and explain these false claims are ludicrous. As a Right Winger himself, he maybe influenced by the strange trio's biases. And, I'm sure the Right, especially the well-represented racist Right of the blogosphere, will attempt to influence him to find some nonexistent fault with my blogs. As always, your support is appreciated.

12:54 PM