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Thursday, June 12, 2003  

Anatomy of a smear campaign: The evidence

I had intended to post regular material today. But, the campaign to destroy my reputation is continuing. Therefore, I am going to publish some of the evidence of the kind of abuse I have suffered over the last three months instead. This not just a sad story, some parts of it are funny. So, do read it all.

Let's discuss the site where Natasha Chart went to get her 'revealing' information about Mac Diva. I am aware of it because it has a page set up by members of Gene Expression, the 'scientific' racism blog, to attack me because of my focus on racism at Silver Rights. Richard Poe is a 'scientific' racist and supporter of the neo-Confederate movement. He is closely allied with Gene Expression. The page Natasha copied the out of context snippet she has been using to try to discredit me with serves only the purpose of attacking me. She did not go there by accident as she is claiming. She went there to get something to try to harm me with.

The entry in which Natasha called herself firing me, though I had already cut back on contributing to the watch because I was busy with my own blog work, and declared herself a great moral force, should be examined more closely. The comments thread consists of mainly Gene Expression members and associates. They were about the only supporters she garnered. That is the first record of Natasha's ongoing relationship with Gene Expression. There are more. That link is currently bloggered, but the inept conspirators have posted it at Wampum, if I remember correctly. (M.B. has blocked me from viewing the site, a matter that I can take care of but don't want to interrupt writing to do now.) Some of you read it at the time, back in March, but probably did not think to ask yourselves who the commenters vilifying Mac Diva were. They were the members of Gene Expression and associates who happened to be available when Natasha issued her invitation to them to come to the watch that day.

During the ensuing weeks I received hate mail from Natasha, often mailed from other people's addresses and signed with another name, but unmistakeably hers. I find her writing in her hate campaign very unique. It dwells on her moral superiority to me (a theme she and M.B. repeat again and again in their screed at Wampum) and a claim that I am an inferior blogger to her. There's the same kind of name calling and grandiose claims you will see in the posts to blogs written by Natasha you are about to read. In addition to the ugly email, Natasha went from blog to blog, often Right Wing blogs, posting the same false and repulsive claims over and over again.

About two weeks ago, Natasha's anxiety level heightened. That coincided with Mac-a-ro-nies rising in the ecosystem and being cited more widely. Her hateful posts to other blogs increased in volume. Then, along came the new weblog contest. It was the last straw for Racist Liberal Lisa English and Natasha Chart. They began a campaign to get Mac-a-ro-nies disqualified, going from blog to blog, again mainly on the Right because they try to mask their activities from the rest of the liberal blogosphere. After soliciting as much support as they had time to, the group then communciated to N.Z. Bear that I had a half-dozen blogs in the contest, that my links were phony because no one would really vote for me, and any other baseless claim that crossed their minds. Let's examine these entries starting with the Mind of Mog, the blog of a far Right woman drafted into the drive Mac Diva from the blogosphere movement. On the comments thread, Lisa English calls herself 'a Lefty' and Natasha is Jeb, using the governor of Florida's email address. Here are some excerpts, but I recommend people read the whole thing. Natasha/Jeb speaks first:


What's particularly funny is MacDiva/J.G. is one of the worst self-linkers in the blogosphere - she has at least three blogs, Macaronies, Silver Rights and J.G.'s something, over on RadioUserland, and constantly links back and forth, generating dozens of links a week. Rumor has it she also has a couple of anonymous "watch" blogs as well, which criticize her supposed friends while generating links.


I noticed that you were also recently exposed as the troll behind the AtriosJr website. Think you'll start falling off left blogrolls once that story starts to get around?


MacDiva, why do you think that the only person you've pissed off in the Lefty blogosphere is Natasha? After your attack on Asperger's/Autism, I can name 50 people alone who would spit on your if they met you on the street. I know Asian Americans who wouldn't link to you if your paid them, and gays who sneer at your name. You're getting more and more popular every day. Not.

The thread also contains this screed written by Racist Liberal Lisa English.

A Lefty - email Mac Diva is a prolific but narcissistic writer who attracts people to her posts like highway rubberneckers to an accident. As time goes on, and as people see what she is doing, more and more are recognizing her as a disturbed lady with a keyboard. She is becoming increasingly ignored by the Lefty Blogosphere. The people who still link to her are unaware of her problems. If you run Technorati, you can see that with the exception of a couple who haven't yet "gotten it," most at the top of the Lefty 'Sphere have nothing to do with her. We've figured out her issues without having to consult one another about it.

Listen, it is impolite to bash people for emotional issues. Most people who run political blogs talk politics, not interblogging bullshit. The woman is out to lunch. It's a shame that she fucked over the Truth Laid Bear ecosystem but NZ was warned by Righties and Lefties. He decided to let it stand.

Most of us in the Blogosphere have a sense of our place in the virtual mess that is ours. We understand the importance of community, and even when we disagree - even when our disagreements are vehemently partisan - they do not rise to the occasion of beating up on the disabled.

The best thing the Blogosphere can do about this woman is to summarily ignore her ass.

10.June.03 @ 05:42:54

Stop laughing! The thought of Racist Liberal Lisa English, who has one of the most bloated egos around calling someone narcissistic is funny, but let's try to be serious. And, yes I realize that English insults the entire Left blogosphere by claiming it is as bigoted and small-minded as she is. That isn't true. How do I know that these people are English and Chart? Because Racist Liberal Lisa English went to other blogs and bragged about the posts she had made at Mog's and other Right Wing sites. Smart, eh?

The campaign to keep other bloggers from voting for my entry in the contest the damnable duo launched failed miserably. After initially wondering what was going on and worrying that he could not reach me because my mail program was acting up, N.Z. Bear realized the accusations were baseless and ignored them.

However, during those two weeks, these self-proclaimed leaders of the Left blogosphere did an excellent job of helping Right Wingers set up hate sites attacking Mac Diva. You can view some of them here, with comments, including Racist Liberal Lisa English again, here, and here. And, of course Natasha has kept up her alliance with Gene Expression. On this thread, she appears to be posting as Jeff and repeating her spurious claim that I write blogs people dislike. The reasoning being that if I am associated with blogs people hate for one reason or another, people will hate me.

Thanks to reader Jeff in comments for the tip. The question then becomes: how many blogs is Mac Diva is running surreptitiously? I don't know, but this commenter thinks she's running all of the below blogs [ NOTE: See Update 2 ]

Clue #1: What (who?) do these sites have in common?

Marduk's Babylonian Musings

Liquid List

Electric Venom

Meme Cauldron

Prometheus 6

Agonist Watch

Stop laughing, again! This a serious matter. Okay, I admit this is both a serious and a comical matter.

Racist Liberal Lisa English, Natasha Chart and M.B. Williams do have some support in the blogosphere, though not as much as they had hoped for. Many of the people they hoped to recruit know me too well to believe the slander. They know I might say something snarky occassionally but do not abuse handicapped people, or falsify data on my blogs and that I am not a racist. However, the lil' band 'o conspirators did get an ally to post this about me yesterday.

Wednesday, June 11, 2003  


No Psychotics

No one, and I mean no one, takes greater interest in or has more sympathy for those dealing with mental illness than I do.

That said, I have a firm rule when it comes to my blogroll: No psychotics.

That?s why you won?t see on my blogroll Letter From New York or whatever the glitter-eyed, wing-nut, Lucianne-wannabe, West-Side blogger is calling herself these days.

And that?s why you will no longer see a link to ?Macaronies,? the bile spewed forth on an all-too-frequent basis by a lunatic going by the name of ?Mac Diva,? at The Rittenhouse Review .

posted by The Rittenhouse Review | Copyright 2002-2003 | PERMALINK  

I consider it revealing -- about self-proclaimed white Christian liberal Jim Capazzola. And, he does include at least one person with a diagnosed mental illness, which Asperger's Syndrome is, though it is thought to have a neurological basis, on his blogroll. Making fun of mental illness while defending a woman with a mental illness. Another 'interesting' leader of the Left blogosphere.

Brian Linse, whom I consider the male version of Racist Liberal Lisa English, also posted abusive remarks to Wampum yesterday.

I realize I will need to write a separate entry to address the role of M.B. Williams, who has mistaken the Diva for her own personal scapegoat, in all of this. However, I intend to return to regular programming for tomorrow and the weekend. Reading material in which one is being thoroughly dehumanized is depressing, despite some of it being laughable.

I believe this evidence is sufficient to establish my statements about being the target of a harassment campaign by Natasha Chart and her allies as true to reasonable people.

7:00 AM