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Tuesday, May 06, 2003  

Hart bows out

Gary Hart, not surprisingly, has decided not to seek the presidency in the next election. I suspected Hart had thrown himself into the pre-orgy stage of the fray just to get back in the political spotlight all along.

- Gary Hart, the 1988 Democratic front-runner who was forced to abandon his presidential bid due to scandal, said Tuesday he will not try to make another run for the White House.

"I've concluded that I do not have sufficient enthusiasm for the mechanical side of campaigning, the money, the media and the polling and so forth to go forward with a campaign," Hart said in a telephone interview.

At 66, Hart could still envision a future run for the big chair since Ronald Reagan made the possibility of encroaching senility in a POTUS a non-issue.

Conservative blogger Jay Reding says it is unfortunate one of the brainier candidates is leaving.

Gary Hart has decided not to run for President in 2004. Too bad, as Hart is a very smart guy, and the kind of person who could be an effective challenger to Bush in 2004.

Tres chic New Yorker Aaron Bailey at 6:01 AM thinks Hart proved himself unhip in the way he announced his withdrawal.

GARY HART DECIDES NOT TO RUN and announces it first in public and not on his blog. Come on, this is 2003. Get with the times, Gary!

Jerome Armstrong at MyDD believes we will hear more from Hart and that he made a classy exit.

It is gracious of Hart not to leave his supporters hanging, like bloggers Ezra and Langer; now they can start thinking about which other candidate to support (like Dean, right Matthew), or join else they might join the other virtual campaign, the draft effort to get Clark to seek the Dem nomination.

Yes. It appears the man's judgment has improved since 1984.

8:04 PM