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Saturday, May 10, 2003  

The Democrats and Bob Jones

Jesse at Pandagon is not impressed by a Democratic presidential candidate getting strokes from a spokesman at Bob Jones University.

BJU...home of the intellectual elite. Now, I don't know about you, but my school would love to have any serious presidential contender come and speak. Bob Jones, however, won't. And another nail in the Lieberman coffin.

Meanwhile, John Kerry has said he would accept the, um, Southern hospitality of BJU.

COLUMBIA--During last weekend's visit to South Carolina, a woman asked U.S. Sen. John Kerry if he would be willing to speak at Bob Jones University, and Kerry said he'd love to do it.

It was "clearly a spontaneous but a serious answer," Kerry's spokesman Robert Gibbs said.

I don't know why Democratic candidates are dancing the soft shoe in regard to BJU. Whatever they gain by not offending far Right conservatives and/or Christian fundamentalists, they will lose elsewhere.

If someone can offer a good explanation for candidates not condemning or at least ignoring that benighted campus, write the Diva. I promise to post your argument.

4:34 PM