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Monday, May 12, 2003  


•Race. The subject has arisen more blatantly than usual because of the Right's focus on the Jayson Blair saga to attack affirmative action. For those who have not heard about what's going on, the CalPundit's remodeled home in the blogosphere is a good place to start. The Right blogosphere, which has largely sneered at affirmative action, is treating Blair as a godsend. The antics of one young reporter prove affirmative action must be dismantled according to the usual suspects. On the Left, most of us are looking at the big picture of journalistic incompetence and malfeasance. That big picture reveals a white canvas with an occasional red, black, brown or yellow dab of paint. For a roundup of commentary from our side see Silver Rights. In regard to Kevin Drum, I would be remiss if I did not say he has impressed me with his posts about race of late. Either he is examining the issues closer or my earlier impression of him as having a bit of a tin ear on the topic was erroneous.

•Bloggersville. A conservative blogger has written an analysis of bloggerdom that I think is spot on. TR, the Tobacco Road Fogey says:

The Ten Commandments of Blogging

1. Thou shalt have no life before blogging, except to provide material for thy blog.

2. Thou shalt not make thy blog like any other, either in appearance or style, for the blogging gods are jealous of their godliness. (exception granted for the denizens of Blog*Spot, for they shall be taught the error of their ways).

3. Thou shalt not take the names of more popular bloggers in vain, else they will not link to thee.

4. Keep no day away from thy blog, for that will be the day that a more popular blogger will view thy site and find thy content stale, and all of thy work toward getting a link from them or being added to their blogroll will have been wasted.

5. Honor those more popular who link to thee. Reciprocate their link to thee and populate their comments and/or email with paeans of honor, lest they find thee unworthy and cast thee into outer darkness.

Go to the Fogey's place and read the other five.

•Content. I've been blogging for nearly two months now. The achievement that has gratified me most is getting some attention for topics that might have escaped notice otherwise. Those include the life stories of service women Lori Piestewa and Shoshana Johnson. I was also one of the first bloggers to realize the significance of Katrina Leung's situation.

During the last two weeks, I was able to write about the gruesome tragedy caused by the good ole boy network in Tacoma, Washington, city government. It allowed a sociopath with violent tendencies to become Chief of Police. He killed his wife and himself. When I look at my traffic reports, it pleases me to see search engines list my reportage first after news stories covering the Brame imbroglio.

I hope to achieve something similar starting here and continuing here. Those entries are the first in my current series about the Portland Seven, the terrorism suspects. Most of these folks are silhouettes who have not been written about much as people. Maybe I can help correct that oversight.

None of this would go far without support from other bloggers who link to one's entries and get other people interested in the topics. My blogfather Atrios of Eschaton, the irreplaceable Jeanne d'Arc of Body and Soul, and the CalPundit have been particularly helpful in this respect.

4:40 PM