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Monday, May 05, 2003  


I. Turf

I've noticed some bloggers are very turf conscious. They don't like it if another blogger writes about a topic they consider 'theirs.' I feel just the opposite. There are so many things I intend to write about but don't reach on a given day or in a given week that I am glad when someone else covers the topic, especially if the other blogger covers it well. The latest entry about John Lott, Jr. and his incredible history is by Mark Kleiman. I may not agree with everything Mark says, but there is enough I agree with for the entry to be worth your time. I have done at least four items on Lott and his friends during the last couple weeks, and don't know when I will focus on the topic again.

Howard Bashman at How Appealing says:

Tomorrow's Supreme Court of Georgia oral argument in Perdue v. Baker to be Webcast: This may be a first for that court. You can access the video feed online tomorrow at 10 a.m. via this link. And you can access my earlier post about the case here.

It really doesn't matter whether you read about the antics of Gov. Sonny Perdue at Mac-a-ro-nies, Silver Rights or How Appealing, as long as you keep an eye on the sneak.

I've written a little about Nina Simone, who I admired. Laura of Interesting Monstah, a musician from the same tradition as Nina Simone, has written much more. Her entries tell readers a lot of things about the music and the musician mine never could.

•II. Politics

I am having a problem finding conservative bloggers to add to my blogroll. I refuse to countenance the bigotry that is so clealy present at many far Right blogs. For example, Cold Fury has spoken favorably of the neo-Confederate movement. I cannot add anyone to my blogroll who would do that. In fact, I recently had to eject a 'liberal' who is still on many Left blogrolls because she began participating in the 'scientific' racism blog Gene Expression and its affiliates. I know white people look the other way in regard to each others racism all the time, but I will not join them in that.

Another aspect of the political problem is my shadow following of bigots. Meryl Yourish once referred to my blogging by saying 'Mac Diva rocks.' After being contacted by the bigotry brigade and chastised for praising Mac Diva, she took the remark back. I don't rock anymore. (Wink.) It is unfortunate that a blogger of her stature takes orders from those people, but apparently she does. No wonder racists feel so welcome in the blogosphere.

•III. Size

Size matters a lot among name blogs. Bloggers with small audiences generally want links to bloggers with large audiences to attract more readers. An unfortunate effect of that is it encourages some small bloggers to avoid saying things of substance on their blogs lest they offend big bloggers and therefore not get links from them. It seems to me that the choice may come down to remaining small and saying what you want like James of A Skeptical Blog or becoming almost unreadable because you are afraid of offending a Higher Being. Other small blogs I recommend include George's, All About George, the anonymous person's at Byte Back (I know his name but can't tell) and Elayne Riggs' at Pen Elayne on the Web. Remember that it ain't the size of the ship, it's the motion of the ocean.

I would like for Mac-a-ro-nies to grow and I am pleased it is placing in the 90s link-wise after only six weeks. However, I may have to accept some limits on size if I keep posting entries that do things like question the received wisdom in regard to Winnie Mandela or dis' the InstaPundit.

Blogger blues

Sorry about having a bad-looking page for a couple hours. Blogger went down and this is my first opportunity to repair the page since it came back up.

10:11 PM