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Friday, May 02, 2003  

Blogospherics: I can say that

For me, being a blogger means saying things that some people will not like sometimes. I've done so in pieces about racism in the blogosphere. As a result I've attracted a shadow following that would like to invite me to a party that would involve a tree and a rope. I unintentionally offended an overweight fan when I wrote about obesity because I said I believe the medical studies that say being fat is usually bad for one's health. A couple of people are upset with me for mentioning that in the most severe cases sufferers of Asperger's Syndrome may become violent. In each of these situations, I researched the issue and was sure of what I had written. I will not knowingly post inaccurate information, but will post material that does not cast a favorable light on behaviors of different parts of the population. Sometimes, as in the case of not getting enough exercise during the winter, I will be part of the 'maligned' group. Mainly, I consider talking about things without excising the warts just telling the truth.

I've done it again. Over at Alas, A Blog, there is a discussion of transsexuality. In the comments section, I made a post that said, in part, this:

I also don't believe tax dollars should be used to pay for such expensive and unproven surgery. As for the claim that 'they will commit suicide if they don't get their way,' I ain't buyin' it. People commit suicide for all kinds of reasons, so I don't see any grounds for giving transsexuals free operations as if they deserve priority over the medical needs of the rest of society. As my grandma used to say: People in Hell want ice water. The fact someone is not getting what he or she wants is not all that compelling. None of us gets what he or she wants all or even most of the time.

So, where does that leave transsexuals? If a person is certain, he or she should get the surgery, at his or her own expense. If no American clinic will agree, the hoops are much fewer in Europe and Asia.

I am going to hear from people who say I am being insensitive to transsexuals. At least one has already insinuated my opinion doesn't count because I've done research on transsexuality. (Yes, I know that sounds very IndyMedia.) My response is that I am being sensitive to not just transsexuals, but to society as a whole. Transsexuals have a problem, however at this point, it is little understood. Many other Americans have medical problems that are much better understood and less expensive to treat. In a strapped state like mine, I believe it important that people in the latter category get priority for scarce treatment dollars. I also favor the young over the old, people requiring single surgical interventions over those requiring several and rejection of experimental procedures.

I realize that by actually saying things of consequence on my blog, I will continue to risk offending people. But the alternatives, turning to cat blogging or posting only pabulum, do not appeal to me. I hope most of my readers understand.

10:11 PM