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Tuesday, April 22, 2003  

Some things I don't understand

There are so-o-o many things I don't understand, but I am not going to lay them all on you at once. Let's consider.

Australian race relations. I know the country used to exclude nonwhites from immigrating. However, there is now a sizeable Asian-Australian population. And, a white supremacist anti-immigration movement. I have read most of Peter Carey's works. I also saw The Chant of Jimmy Blacksmith. However, I don't feel remotely qualified to tell any Australian about the race relations situation there.

Worship of idols. Let me preface this by saying I am not a religious person. As a child I attended churches ranging from Baptist to Seventh Day Adventist because grown folks made me. It is difficult to grow up in the South and not get some religious indoctrination. As a young adult, I was briefly involved with the Quakers and Unitarians and did some reading on Bahais. But back to idols. I was thinking about the golden calf the Israelites built while Moses was conferring with God. How could they have considered it holy, awe inspiring and possessing supernatural powers? It seems to me that if people construct something, from a precious metal or not, they know what its properties are. Furthermore, by making it, the humans assert dominance over it. For example, we know that no matter how 'smart' computers get, designers and programmers are still their bosses, right? Yet, worldwide, many cultures have worshiped idols. I don't understand.

The blog ecosystem. When I look at the various analytical data for my own blogs and other people's, it often doesn't correlate with what I know already. For example, Mac-a-ro-nies should be in Atrios' Eschaton 'blog neighborhood,' but isn't listed there. Instead, some Rightwing blogs that are not on his blogroll and he rarely or never links to turn up. I've also noticed that Technorati's data is usually out of date. However, the question I wonder most about is what the blog ecosystem means. Since blogs must register to be tracked, couldn't there be blogs that are more popular than the ones that have registered? If there are, are we who read the ecosystem data participating in a group delusion?

•Men. Never mind. That issue would take up the entire blog.

4:12 PM