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Sunday, April 06, 2003  
Some suggestions for Sunday reading

James McLaughlin of A Skeptical Blog has pictures of (heads up, CalPundit) bodacious bunnies and a warning for parents.

It appears the practice of making people pay for water in Iraq, where the temperature can get as high as 110 Fahrenheit this month, is spreading. It was first reported as the scam of a military chaplain seeking converts among U.S. troops. Now, Nathan Newman writes water selling to the Iraqi population has won the approval of Right Wing Bush advisors. Didn't I ask if colonialism is over in an earlier entry?

One of the more unpleasant sites on the Web has been approached and analyzed. Hold your nose and read about Gene Expression, "the most racist of blogs" at Silver Rights.

The esteemed proprietor of Body and Soul has what I and most other bloggers don't -- photographs from Iraq. Scroll down and take time to look at those faces. I wonder how our far Right brethren manage to dehumanize the Iraqi people so thoroughly when they too have access to such pictures.

3:37 AM