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Sunday, April 20, 2003  

Orchids, onions and in-between

Some recommendations:

I've been reading some blogs that many of you may not yet be aware of.

•If you are not yet a fan of Gen. JC Christian you should be. He is the source of some of the deepest belly laughs in the blogosphere. Christian takes on the Right on its turf and gives it no quarter. Humor is difficult to write. I admire the General enormously for writing it so well.

Smart Genes, Rick Heller's blog, is a compendium of everything from his observations about the invasion of Iraq (he was pro-war with reservations) to thoughts about the centrality issue to informative writing about being Jewish that does not deteriorate into Arab/Muslim bashing.

•A Democrat in South Carolina has his work cut out for him. The Wyeth Wire is up to the task. Today, Wyeth takes on a big medium in regard to the claim Presidential candidate Al Sharpton may do well there.

AL SHARPTON WILL NOT WIN SOUTH CAROLINA: The Village Voice has an article that regurgitates the Beltway conventional wisdom - that Sharpton is a shoo-in to win [the] South Carolina primary, and that this prospect is making Democrats nervous.

Read that item and more at the Wyeth Wire.

Off with the old

I've decided to no longer participate in Tim Lambert's compendium of material about gun fraud John Lott, Jr. I have written him an email asking that he not cite my blog entries anymore, though I will continue to write about Lott. My reason for doing so is Lambert's apparent lack of knowledge about race and gender relations in the United States. Lambert, an Australian, has informed me and others that there are no gender discrimination or racist aspects to Lott's research. I disagree, as would anyone with a good understanding of those issues. Furthermore, the day I need an Australian to explain things of that sort to me I will take out an ad in the Sydney Morning Herald.

Whatever. . .

I have learned from Jeralyn Merritt that I will no longer be group blogging at the watch. Natasha, the proprietor, has not contacted me. For those not in the know, she used my material with no recompense (not even a thank-you note) for months. I suppose this is kind of rude, but it is also typically Natasha. Having been a student of human nature for a long time, I can't say I'm surprised. As the popularity of Mac-a-ro-nies increased, I realized it might be considered a competitor. However, at the low end of the blogosphere, I don't believe competition matters much.

I have continued to write guest columns for friends because I am always having ideas that don't necessarily mesh with what I am doing here. I will now have more opportunities to guest blog. That is going to be fun. My most recent guest column is for Dominion at A Skeptical Blog. It is something really different. I hope you will read it. After you've read "Intractable," take a look at Dominion's entry about the Branch Davidians. It is superb.

8:54 PM