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Tuesday, April 22, 2003  

More American merde for the French

This is the kind of thing that will forever make it impossible for me to become a Republican.

Senior aides to US President George W. Bush (news - web sites) met this week to consider ways to punish France for its opposition to the war on Iraq (news - web sites), including sidelining Paris at NATO and limiting its participation in transatlantic forums, officials said.

. . .Participants in the meeting, held Monday at the White House after a similar gathering last week was postponed, did not arrive at any decisions but are expected to gather again, possibly next week, in an effort to reach consensus, the officials said.

The officials, speaking to AFP on condition of anonymity, said Vice President Dick Cheney's office had been particularly vocal in pressing for some kind of punitive measures to be taken against France.

I believe most of the Bushites are incapable of considering the French have as much right to reach their conclusions on the invasion of Iraq as the Bush administration had to reach its own. More, in my opinion, since France rejected the imperialistic stance the United States took.

The only bright spot in the situation is state department officials do not support the additional bullying of France.

The State Department, however, wants to move beyond the split over Iraq and focus more on areas of future cooperation with France, including in Iraq where Boucher said there would be "opportunities" to work with allies on reconstruction.

I would not be surprised if any of them who remain stubborn pay a price for it.

William Quick, the Daily Pundit, disagrees in that smooth, sophisticated way Right Wingers so often express themselves:

Good. Make an example of the frogs. Done properly, it will tend to discourage anti-American treachery in the future.

Such deep analysis of the issues. Reminds me of the InstaPundit.

Cloy Harlequin believes the U.S. should have learned better in grammar school.

Remember back in elementary school when kids had little clubs? And remember that one kid who was a real jerk and would try to force everyone to play his games, and if you didn't want to play he would call you a wuss? And then remember how that jerk would stop inviting you to play and say "you're kicked out of the club because you're stupid"? Well, most kids grow out of that, but. . . .

You decide who is making sense.

7:41 PM