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Saturday, April 19, 2003  
"Let's roll" into Syria?

It appears another pretext for invading Syria is being developed even as the Bush administration denies any such intentions. Eric, the Viking Pundit says, "Syria is just asking for it," before linking to this article in the New York Times. The piece names several Iraqis who the administration believes are hiding in Syria. That reason for taking action against the Iraq border state joins others.

The concerns about the flight of Iraqi officials have aggravated an already difficult relationship between the United States and Syria. Bush administration officials have long expressed concern that Syria is developing chemical weapons and about its support for organizations the United States considers terrorist, including Hezbollah and the Palestinian groups Hamas and Islamic Jihad.

Those happen to be the same rationales given for the invasion of Iraq. They could also be used for an invasion of other nations in the Middle East . . . or just about any country the Bush administration wants to invade.

Eric goes on to taunt a fictive Syrian, "You shouldn't make us angry, Bashar. . .you wouldn't like us when we're angry." Here's hoping there aren't enough Erics to convince the administration it has a green light from most Americans.

2:37 AM