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Wednesday, April 16, 2003  
The keys to the castle

In looking over the following items after I wrote them, I realize they give away a lot of clues to my personality. I like literature and prefer to use literary devices when writing. Skeptical? Uh huh. Atrios and I seem to have been among the few bloggers who had doubts about the heroic sagas reported from Iraq from the get go. If Oliver Willis is like kryptonite to stupid, I am like flypaper to unusual information. Proof? Read on.


I interpret the InstaPundit's incredible popularity to mean most readers don't like long blog entries. But, a few folks have actually expressed approval of the essay I posted here, "A tale of two photos." Most prominent among them is writer Joseph Duemer. I have written a few more essays for other blogs. Yesterday, my friend James McLaughlin of A Skeptical Blog published "Intractable." It is my meditation on the fate of a woman with intractable problems. There is also a blog essay about moral equivalence, Mississippi and a song by Nina Simone. See "Mississippi Goddam" at the watch. Silver Rights has "A continuation of history,' which has personal history and political awareness as its theme.


If anyone, including John Cole, has not heard by now, the Helen of Troy story and other legends arising around Pfc. Jessica Lynch turned out to be much exaggerated. She apparently was injured in an automobile acccident in Iraq. See the preceding link to Silver Rights for the details.


I am a sort of information pack rat. Some of that material is rather arcane. Just how arcane? There are entries about hermaphroditism and sexual fetishes involving limb loss at Silver Rights. Feel free to do your one-stop shopping for weird blog topics with the Diva in the future.

4:39 PM