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Friday, April 04, 2003  
It is Major Moose now

Charles Moose, the Montgomery County Police Chief who became famous for his compassionate and competent pursuit of the D.C. area snipers, was recalled to military duty March 20. (We Portlanders know Charles as our own former top cop.) Moose also served in the Oregon National Guard for years.

The Montgomery County government said Moose received notice of his active duty status as a major in the District of Columbia Air National Guard on Tuesday as the United States mobilized for war against Iraq. Moose heads the police department in the county, parts of which were paralyzed by a string of random shootings.

He reported to Andrews Air Force Base.

Moose supervises a military police security force in the Guard. So far, Moose has been able to report to the base, located a few miles southeast of Washington, D.C., and return home. He's waiting for further decisions on deployment. Another officer is serving as acting chief of the Montgomery County Police Department, his wife said.

Blogger Alan K. Henderson says of Moose: "Well, he does have experience chasing after guys named Muhammad."

7:03 PM