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Tuesday, April 22, 2003  

The friends of John Lott

Part II: His strange bedfellows

As I previously said, John Lott, Jr., has ties to anti-Democratic persons and groups in several ways.

Among the foremost of those voices supporting white supremacy, secession and John Lott, Jr., is Robert Stacy McCain of the Washington Times. An ardent Lott supporter, McCain has tried to claim the inquiry into Lott's likely fabricated research was resolved in Lott's favor.

Mr. [Daniel] Polsby says Mr. Lott was vindicated last week, when a Minnesota lawyer came forward to say he had participated in the 1997 survey.

Northwest University professor James Lindgren, who was one of Mr. Bellesiles' main critics, also became involved in the investigation of Mr. Lott's survey. But the question appears to be at least partly resolved, according to Mr. Lindgren.

"Happily, as the concerns became more widely discussed, David Gross, a Minnesota lawyer, came forward to say that he thought he'd been surveyed by Lott back in 1997. I interviewed [Mr. Gross] at length and found him credible," Mr. Lindgren said.

However, both Polsby and Gross are Right Wing gun advocates just like Lott. In my opinion, neither seems very credible.

Those of us who follow the neo-Confederate movement know McCain well. A leader in the overtly racist and secessionist League of the South, McCain's ideal America would strip everyone but property-owning Christian white males of participation in political life. He supports secession of the Southern states from the U.S., so that persons of his perspective can set up a Christian theocracy that would be run by. . . well, them. Women would be stripped of political rights and returned to their 'rightful' submissive roles. Nonwhites and Jews would be allowed to live in the new Confederate states only if they agreed to be second-class citizens by not claiming equal rights to those of white Christian men.

Members of the racist and anti-Semitic Vanguard News Network are also spoken favorably about John Lott.

Ironically, InstaPundit Glenn Reynolds, who refers to members of Vanguard as "Nazi scum," has something in common with them, support of John Lott.

Mainstream supporters of Lott are hard to find. The shrill harridan Ann Coulter is about as close as one gets. His sometimes lunch companion has political aspirations for him.

There was, however, a nice new Republican president. One of the liberal arguments against Lott's study is that no one should hire him. Not universities and -- just in case a Republican administration might be interested in hiring an economist who is not intimidated by liberal censors -- not the Bush administration either.

Another group that has found common cause with Lott in regard to gun advocacy is Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership. The radical group believes Jews should own guns to prevent the next Holocaust. Aaron Zelman, its leader, takes mainstream Jewish leaders to task for not agreeing.

Have these Jews forgotten their own history?

Have they forgotten that, from Pharoah to Stalin and Hitler, powerful governments have been their worst tormentors, their slave masters, their ghettoizers, their inquisitors, their slaughterers?

They certainly have forgotten that, throughout history, the "benevolent" government that courts Jews one day turns on us the next and sends us into exile, suffering, and death. For two millennia, that's been the reality of Jewish existence.

Do they want Jews to be victims? And worse, do they want us to become, in reality, the nation of victims that populates their imaginations?

Obviously, these people are in direct conflict with Lott supporters such as Robert Stacy McCain, who do not consider Jews part of their ideal world. However, such conflicts tend to be ignored among Right Wingers. I gather they simply don't discuss the contradictions that make them strange bedfellows.

11:55 PM