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Sunday, April 20, 2003  

The Blogger blues revisited

Blogger stopped working entirely last night. All one got in any browser was a Pyra error. I wrote the three-part John Lott piece in Blogstudio and transferred it to Blogger this morning. And, yes, I know that is rather ridiculous.

Angry Bear has been having a problem with bloggered links:

Permalinks FUBAR

The permalinks seem to go down a lot, so that if you follow a link here from another site, you don't go to the right place. The solution seems to be to republish the archives after every post, but that's a hassle. Anyone have any tips?

That is supposed to be the solution. When I tried it, all but one week of my Archives was erased. I had to get really creative to repair the damage.

The media's role in Iraq

Douglas Kellner analyzes the role of media in both wars against Iraq at Blog Left.

In this paper I argue that both Islamic Jihadists and two Bush administrations have deployed spectacles of terror to promote their political agendas. Both also deploy Manichean discourses of good and evil which themselves fit into dominant media codes of popular culture.

The paper is abstracted on the site. You can also go to the document in its entirety via a link.

Everything but Matthew Yglesias

Silver Rights has both the expected and the far out. Read about an attack on a black pol for allegedly using a racial slur, the digital divide and lead poisoning as a cause of reduced IQs in children. Feeling adventuresome? The "When is sexual attraction a fetish?" entry may be one-of-a-kind.

1:28 PM