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Saturday, April 05, 2003  
As the blogger turns

•Perhaps I underestimate people. The WaPo story I found so disgusting I ridiculed it yesterday is not spreading through the media or the blogosphere like I thought it would. Peter Baker's article seems to have set off the the bullshit detectors of agenda setters in the media, not just my sensitive minority nose. It appears Mohammed, an Iraqi operative who was very useful to U.S. armed forces, will be seen as just that. To call him an Iraqi hero, as the Right wants to, would be a big mistake.

•I am particularly peeved about the confirmed death of Pfc. Lori Piestewa. To think of where she is at 22 and where George W. Bush was at the same age (either at Yale or AWOL from his National Guard unit) is enough to make even me mad. For too long, opportunities have gone to upper-class WASPs like Bush, and the chaff has gone to minorities and women like Piestewa. Don't even try to talk to me about how wonderful American society is until that stops.

•Why didn't anyone tell me how screwed up Blogger can be before I became a blogger? I know: Seeing is believing. But couldn't some of y'all have thrown a hint or two? For example: Save every change to your clipboard before you hit Post or Publish because you may never see that document again. Or: The place where your template actually exists is probably on the other side of the space/time continuum, therefore don't be surprised if it changes with no input from you or disappears altogether. Or, most important: The Blogger Knowledge Base is moldy with age and the suggested repairs rarely work.

1:17 PM