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Monday, April 21, 2003  

Ampersand changes his mind

Barry, or Ampersand, an actually unique person, is saying something I have not heard anyone else say either on or offline. He opposed the war against Iraq, but with reservations. He feared sanctions would be ongoing without it. Now, he thinks maybe the war was for the best.

My worries could still prove correct - it's possible that Iraq will disintegrate into chaos and civil war. Happily, it seems more likely that stability (in the form of a US-appointed puppet government) will rule the day. Assuming that's the case, I should have been pro-invasion; the harms of the invasion - huge as they are - are far less terrible than the harms of ongoing sanctions for another decade or two would have been.

I don't believe the war was for the best. A neo-colonialist government that exploits Iraq's oil resources while keeping the Iraqis in poverty could be worse than Saddam Hussein's rule. However, I am willing to give Barry a listen. You should, too.

My reason for choosing to browse Alas, a Blog, next? Barry never has broken links and churned archives. He uses Blog, not Blogger. The Diva could not take three bloggered blogs in a row.

7:08 PM