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Friday, March 28, 2003  
Sugar and spice and someone nice

I have a cold. I also have an angel. And a stalker. Let's take them in order.

The cold is courtesy of four little girls. They sat next to me while I was blogging via WiFi from a Northwest Portland Starbucks Monday. I know kids have bugs. But, I didn't respond by moving, perhaps because only the east side of that Starbucks location has T-Mobile access my TiBook picks up. The sugar and spice crew ranged from maybe four to about 12. The youngest had a ponytail and the oldest braces and a perm. Their parents, being experienced with children, moved several feet away from the girls' table. By doing so, they avoided squeals, spilled fruit smoothies and germs. A day or so after sitting next to the little girls, I developed a stuffy head and burning eyes. The next morning I woke up with a sore throat and congestion. At this point, my nose feels as if it is taking up half my face. I get very sleepy, but it is hard to breathe and sleep at the same time. I've chosen breathing. This is the first time in years I skipped getting a flu shot. Figures.

My angel is George Kelly of All About George. He is the reason BlogSpot ads are no longer impugning the aesthetics of my blogs. This fellow blogger was kind enough to pay the ransom for both Silver Rights and Mac-a-ro-nies. If you come across George in Bloggersville, give him a great big old virtual kiss on the cheek.

I encountered my stalker almost as soon as I began reading, contributing to and commenting at weblogs. Perhaps he was lying in wait for women to dazzle with his stupidity. In the interim, he harassed several other liberal bloggers. Most reprehensibly, for a while he targeted DailyKos, a serious, hard-working blogger who doesn't have time for such nonsense. The stalker is apparently incensed that someone he considers his bete noir now has her own weblogs. If you encounter him sniffing along the Diva's trail, feel free to give R.J./Ricky/Lil' Dick West a good virtual bitch slap. He's earned it.

3:50 PM