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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  
The sound of a few hands clapping

The sound of a few hands clapping is more than I was hoping for when I took my blogs, Mac-a-ro-nies and Silver Rights, public. I had expected them to be read only by me and fellows seeking access to my hand, or perhaps some other body part. Languishing in obscurity seems to be the fate of new weblogs. However, thanks to my blogfather, Atrios, and Natasha, the proprietress of the watch, where I guest blog, news of the Diva having taken the plunge is spreading through the blogosphere.

Other bloggers I would like to single out for special thank-yous are Josh Marshall, who read my material, responded and sometimes used my suggestions despite his busy schedule, and Roger Ailes, who has allowed me adverse possession of his blog at times. ArchPundit, Barry of Alas, a Blog, CalPundit, Chris of Flyover Country, DailyKos, Dominion of A Skeptical Blog, Emma of The Oregon Blog, George of All About George, Jesse of Pandagon, Julian Sanchez of Notes from the Lounge, Laura of Interesting Monstah, Nathan Newman, Jim Capozolla of Rittenhouse Review, Julia of Sisyphus Shrugged, TalkLeft, Zizka, e.t.c., have also loaned me their ears and, in some cases, their space. Gracias.

10:57 AM