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Wednesday, March 26, 2003  
Blogger blues and reds and purples

Almost as soon as I had blogs, I felt compelled to start messing with them. Reformatting the templates beckoned. Come here, dear, both Mac-a-ro-nies and Silver Rights whispered. Make us better looking. Their requests didn't strike me as baseless. I used one of the most popular templates for Silver Rights. After taking it live, I realized my blog resembled those of a couple friends, Roger Ailes and Natasha of the watch. Since we are likely to have some of the same readers, that could cause confusion or bore folks to death. So, I decided to differentiate the template.

Blogger does not approve. One can tell by how needlessly difficult it makes altering its templates. So much as nudge any of the several Blogger buttons and you can't save your changes. Locating the code for scripts, rules and fonts requires excellent eyesight. And, to be on the safe side one should confer with the prophesy fish before hitting save. There is no telling what you might get.

Mac-a-ro-nies briefly sported a page with plenty of space but the text running off the margins. Eventually, the title block of Silver Rights was attired in violet and purple, but not before the entire body of the blog was burgundy for a while.

There are still some changes I want to make. Permanent links would be cool. The default setting for Links on Mac-a-ro-nies' template is at the bottom of the page. I would like to move them up. And, there is lots of space left over. Why not add a picture of pasta or a Macaroni penguin? However, in the process, I might harm my blogs and have to start over from scratch. I am going to try to leave well enough alone -- really.

8:14 PM